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Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday


So here goes. This is the first blog I’m writing from my iPhone. And the first time I’m giving WIP Wednesday a go. It seems like a good idea! It’s supposed to go along with Cast On Mondays and Bind Off Fridays, but my general idea is I’ll post those during the weeks I actually start or finish something. Also, I will probably have to think of different “nicknames” given that not all of my crafting is fiber based (so I won’t always be casting on or binding off to start or finish a project)…for instance, this week I’m playing with beads 🙂

Anywho-way, my mom came to visit me last week, and brought a bunch of beading stuff with her, both for play and for designing for our business. And this somehow managed to convince me to put down my knitting needles and pick up some pliers. And I haven’t been able to put them down since! I designed a pretty necklace for The Monster In Your Closet (which I will eventually get a picture of one of these days, I’m sure). It was supposed to go with these awesome yellow star earrings. Only two days before I was to give her this necklace, she informs me that she lost one of those earrings. So of course, I also had to make matching earrings!


Beading with crystals is *not* for the sparkly-distracting impared!

My mom also got me some pretty rad green crystals, and I’ve been playing with those. I made one necklace entirely of the crystals and some sterling spacers, and I’m playing with another one with fun silver link things and the crystals on eye pins as connectors. It’s looking pretty cool (no pictures as of yet…I started after I lost the good sunlight!)

On the needles right now are two things: One, I got a cool pattern and some DOCTOR WHO (Time Traveler…tried to get the colorway on its own and I couldn’t remember how to do it) themed yarn from Knit Picks, and it’s going to be AWESOME. Who needs a Tom Baker scarf when they can have a Tom Baker shrug with lace hearts? Exactly.

Taken with Instagram

Two: I had leftover sparkly yarn from another pattern I recently finished, and I was flipping through my knitting stitch dictionary drooling at all the pretty lace patterns. So I did some math and I picked one that would fit perfectly on the back of my arm so I cold make some rockin’ gauntlets. I hear that people think these are really cool (Knit Picks (from whom I got the yarn) retweeted my excited picture tweet) and I got a lot of positive responses.So methinks I will try to write up this pattern all official-like and see how it goes.

So that’s about it, because I mostly can’t really stand to type on my phone anymore. New rule: only post from the phone if super bored or super short post.

Are any of you in the middle of any super cool projects? Do share!