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Project: Polka-Dot Hat


Okay gals & guys, I’ve been putting this off as long as possible, because I didn’t really know how I wanted to handle project blogs. I still don’t. So I’m just going to wing it. Things may change as I figure out the best way for me to do it. Formulas be damned! So here goes!


After much mathing: THE POLKA DOTS ARE ROUND! HOO-RAY!

Basically, I’m obsessed with polka dots. So. Obsessed. I would say over half of my dress collection somehow revolves around them. Mostly in the black with white dots or white with black dots variety. My friend and I have joked that polka dots should be their own load of laundry, much like plaid and seersucker. I’m also in love with Knit Picks. They are super awesome, wonderfully priced, easy to work with yarn in all kinds of fabulous fiber contents. I made my Harry Potter scarf out of their Comfy Sport (which I should probably also blog about, because I DID MY OWN THING and made it the way I WANT IT, and I believe that’s a very important part of knitting and creating!). And I really like Comfy Sport! So I used some of my leftover yarn to make a checkerboard hat. Which got me thinking, if I can do checkerboard, then I can do POLKA DOTS!

I love playing with texture, so I decided to do the hat in one color, just using knit and purl stitches to make the pattern. It could also have been done with stranded knitting or double knitting, which is on my to-do list, I just wanted something simple that could travel with me to Comic-Con without a bunch of strands to get all tangled and messy from day to day. A lot of the time, I make things for friends, because there’s just no way I could wear or use everything that my brain comes up with and my hands create. My friend and I have a handy bartering system, make something, buy drinks, food, help with each others projects, etc. It all comes together nicely in the end, and I decided I was going to make her a hat because she was going to be awesome and screenprint a dress with one of her awesome linoprints.

El Fin

All in all, it took me probably a day and some to make the hat, mostly because the yarn is kinda on the thin side and my brain didn’t really register “knit with two strands!” til I was at least halfway thru. This is why I keep to worsted weight yarn for my simple projects! But alas, I had a wild hair and went against the grain. Although, given that we live in Southern California, it’s probably better that the hat is on the thin side, because no one ever needs a super serious winter hat down here. But I LOVE the hat, and when I find that special yarn for myself, I’m going to make one for me, too! Why? Because I love polka dots!