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How I spent my Black Friday…

How I spent my Black Friday…

This is what the hallway looked like. Hallway by Jheuli, photo by Brea.

More like CRAFT Friday! It was really awesome.

My friend Jheuli is working her way through a degree in Fiber Arts, and for one of her assignments, she decided to turn her hallway into a magical-Narnian-White-Wood-awesome-tastic-Wonderland (she really just wanted it to be kind of creepy and ethereal, the Narnia part is in my head). And it’s freaking amazing. To “turn in” her assignment, she was supposed to take pictures of the hallway from whatever perspective she desired, and blow them up to 16×20 or so. She took one round of pictures, and they were good, but they didn’t really show off HOW FREAKING FANTABULOUS this hallway really was. She was even trying to bribe her professor into coming over to see the hallway in person! So my answer was to enlist my friend Brea (who is an awesome photographer and artist in her own right) to help! She brought over her fancy pants camera and her tripod (which of course, we never actually used), opened up that aperture and let-er rip!

We were about halfway through the shoot and Jheuli decided that that the light was more warm than what she wanted (first picture). So we ran around her apartment trying to figure out a way to add more coolness to it with what we had on hand. The end result was a blue glass jar lid over a small spot light on the floor around the corner (this is how I craft and create people. By the seat of my pants!). The second picture is the final product. In fairness, it is probably on the lighter end of what she wanted (she really like the darker ethereal look), but since I had the raw images, I fiddled with it to how I liked it to show y’all.

The result is absolutely stunning!

This was the final result. I fiddled with it in GIMP to get the blue to pop. Hallway by Jheuli, photo by Brea.

(c) 2011 Elsha Wolf. All rights reserved. Hallway design by Jheuli Hernandez. Photos by Breanne Patterson.
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